The Town of Gibbons has hired a professional consultant to develop a Recreation and Parks Master Plan for our community. This plan will outline key directions and milestones for the development of parks, trails and recreation facilities in Gibbons over the next 20 years. To complete this Plan, we are eager to get your input.

As a first step in getting your input, a household survey is now available for Town residents to complete, available from January 24th until February 21st, 2020. Each household has been provided with a postcard in the mail. Your postcard includes a unique code that is required to enter the survey. Should you have problems with the code provided, please email [email protected] with the subject line “Gibbons Survey”. If you prefer to complete this survey in paper form, please visit the Town of Gibbons office (and bring your postcard) to get a copy of the survey and to leave the completed survey with us.

As the Plan is developed, future opportunities will be announced in coming weeks for additional public input.

Please enter your code and click the link below to enter the survey. This survey should take less than five minutes to complete.

If you have any questions regarding this project please contact Stephanie Wilibnisky at the Town of Gibbons, at 780.578.2109 or [email protected]


Please enter your provided Survey Code to take part in the survey.

Each code is only valid to complete 1 survey.  If you require a new code please contact Brenda at [email protected]